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The Parkside Drive-In Movie Theater holds a special place in modern American history.  In 2022, the nonprofit, Save Our Screen, Inc., was established to preserve the theater so that this unique experience existed for future generations. We hope our efforts to share this love of Americana helped create fond memories to be enjoyed for years to come.  Our nonprofit was built with the love and energy of our volunteers, and this past season has weighed heavily on us.  


From the beginning of our journey, we were met with many challenges including an inherited and growing list of repairs, and the costly ongoing litigation with the previous operator we had naively called our friend. While we were able to overcome many obstacles over the past year, spitefulness has not been one of them.  And now as we end our journey, we know that we’ve done all we could. 

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Save Our Screen will not reopen the Parkside for the upcoming season.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with a wonderful group of volunteers and staff, and we remain humbled by the kind words of support received from drive-in enthusiasts here at home and across the country. 

While the future of the Parkside remains to be seen, our passion to share the love of the drive-in experience remains.  There are 21 authentic drive-ins remaining in Ohio and we encourage everyone to seek out and experience the uniqueness of each.  Visit for a full list of these drive-ins.

As we wrap up our operations over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out with refund information to those who may have purchased memberships and passes for the upcoming season.  We thank you for your support and sincerely apologize to all.


Save Our Screen, Inc.

Board of Directors

© 2023 Parkside Drive-in

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