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4500 Navarre Avenue, Oregon, Ohio
Movie Hotline: 419-635-7575

Our social media presence is lacking and our website might not knock your socks off.  That's only because our volunteers are physically at the Parkside daily working hard to create something super special for Northwest Ohio.

Parkside Return

The Parkside Drive-In opened on April 27, 1949 as a single-screen outdoor cinema.  In 1979, the Parkside was expanded into a twin drive-in. 


In 1987, operation of the drive-in changed and the Parkside was renamed "Sundance Kid" as it remained for 35 years. The Sundance Kid played host to countless guests and created many unforgettable memories while also sadly becoming Northwest Ohio's last historical drive-in.

With the land for sale and its closing inevitable, the nonprofit Save Our Screen, was created with the purpose of preserving the drive-in.  And we're happy to report that because of the overwhelming love and support we received from our community, the Parkside Drive-In returned in 2023. However, the property was in bad shape and the nonprofit has spent a considerable amount of funds towards repairs and necessary improvements.  Without your continued support, we will not return in 2024.

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